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Nora Baldenweg is a Creative Director working in the fields of luxury and fashion.


Former Editor-in-Chief of British fashion magazine Lula and France's biggest music & fashion magazine Modzik, Nora consults fashion brands and publications to create overall direction, campaigns, look books, copy and content.

As a true gateway, visionary and partner, she has propelled the work of hundreds of designers into the pages of sought-after publications such as VOGUE, RUSSHNYLON, Conde Nast Traveller, INDIE and DAZED. As a co-founding partner of GREAT GARBO, a multi award-winning music production house, the Swiss/Australian creative has worked for many of the Global 500 brands in advertising. She is currently based in Paris, France.


Nora Baldenweg is a member of the Swiss Art Directors Club and the

European Art Directors Club.

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